Since The Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act (March 2015), Local Planning Authorities are under a duty to keep a register of individuals and associations who have expressed an interest in acquiring serviced plots for self and custom build. Self-build and custom housebuilding are a key element of the government’s agenda to increase supply and help tackle the housing crisis.

VISION delivers fully serviced affordable self-build plots providing a route to home ownership for those seeking to build their own home with the necessary skills.

Plots are provided at a 20% discount to market value complete with required infrastructure and a range of options which the developer can deliver at a fixed price for those requiring additional support. Working alongside a panel of lenders applicants with a local connection can fund and build a home in their community for their future.

Vision homes

  • Vision delivers high quality affordable self-build plots in communities people feel part of and committed to.
  • Fully serviced plots with detailed planning permission.
  • Designated for people who aspire to build their own home.
  • Primarily three-bedroom detached housing, with scope to extend into the loft space. Generally integrated within a wider scheme which also contains family homes, rather than purely a self-build site.
  • Discounted by 20% to market plot values for people with a local connection and a housing need.
  • Spacious enough to give the flexibility for a growing family.


  • Self-Build provides a route into home ownership for individuals and groups who want to play a role in building their own homes.
  • Since 2016 local authorities have to keep a register of aspiring self-build and custom house builders to assist in planning for future housing and land use.
  • Only 7% of completions (c.12,000 units) in the UK accounted for self builds, whilst in some European countries this figure is as high as 80% (Austria).
  • A survey carried out by the Building Societies Association found 53% of respondents would consider building their own if they had the opportunity


  • Land supply and procurement
  • Access to finance and availability of mortgage lenders in the market
  • Perceived risk and lack of knowledge regarding planning process, legal agreements, costs of incoming services, etc.

How will VISION assist LAs and NPGs?

  • Support Community Land Trusts (CLT’s) to ‘piggy-back’ off of the infrastructure already delivered.
  • Helps deliver homes which meet the identified needs of local people in line with strategies and planning policies.
  • Assist LAs, parishes and Neighbourhood Planning Groups to identify where there is a housing need, what the need is and provide advice, support and assist with delivery.
  • Fund homes in rural communities which may otherwise not be delivered.
  • Provide certainty in terms of delivery over the plan period in rural areas.

How does Vision work?


Sites funded and infrastructure delivered by institutional investors.


Sites divided into self-build plots with detailed planning permission, and houses built to building regulations and compliant with the plot passport.

Discounted plots:

Affordable self-build plots sold at a 20% discount on open market value.


An allocations policy giving priority to those with a local connection would be agreed with the LPA and Parish Council.


A self-build lender or broker would work with prospective purchasers to ensure mortgage availability prior to any allocation.

Plot passport:

A ‘plot passport’ would be provided for every buyer detailing the rules and guidelines of the build. An example of these can be seen for the Graven Hill self-build scheme at Bicester comprising 1,900 units.

Plot Types

Fully serviced self-build plots will be available in varying formats to suit the different needs and abilities of self builders. Typically disposed as self-build plots for the purchaser to design and construct their own home, or as custom build homes where the developer will build out a bespoke home. A tailored suite of design codes, plot passports and utility packages will define the site specific constraints.

Key features:

  • Planning in place
  • Fixed pricing for utilities and groundwork
  • Flexibility to amend design providing it adheres to the plot passport
  • Access to key delivery partners (mortgage lenders, warranty provider and trade suppliers)