Meeting the needs of the down-sizing generation the Horizon model offers a pathway to downsizing, delivering ‘flexible’ homes for the over 55s enabling them to remain in the communities they feel part of and committed to. Homes will have access to assistive technology and the flexibility of design will enable people to remain in their homes if and when their health/mobility declines.

Delivering new purpose-built homes in rural communities also increases churn of existing family homes enabling more younger families to remain helping the area to thrive and grow.

The HORIZON shared equity model will allow homeowners, who may be asset rich but cash poor, to plan for their retirement years and release capital to take care of themselves in older age in a purpose-built environment.

Many older people continue to live in larger family homes because there is nothing available for them to down-size into. Building bungalows has to a large extent become a thing of the past mainly due to spiralling land prices; a two or three storey house can generate a much higher value than a bungalow. In 2014 just 1% of new homes built were bungalows.

There is a growing number of exclusive communities for older people who can afford to down size in style; however, not everyone wants to buy in to this life style and would prefer to remain in the communities where they have friends and family to support them and to whom they can also offer support.

HORIZON will, wherever possible, look to build one and a half storey homes which will accommodate the kitchen, lounge, bathroom and one bedroom on the ground floor so, as people age, they are able to access all the main accommodation without having to negotiate stairs. However, they will also have the benefit of another bedroom and shower room upstairs for guest or, if needed, a carer.

Horizon homes

HORIZON delivers high quality ‘later life’ homes in communities people feel part of and committed to.

  • New build
  • Designated for over 55s
  • Primarily two-bedroom bungalows, integrated within a wider scheme which also contains family homes, rather than as part of a retirement village
  • Access to assistive technology to enable people to remain in their homes
  • Spacious enough to give the flexibility to have friends and family to stay.

How will HORIZON assist LAs and NPGs?

  • Helps deliver homes which meet the identified needs of an area in line with older persons housing strategies and planning policies.
  • Assist LAs, parishes and Neighbourhood Planning Groups to identify where there is a housing need, what the need is and how best to meet it.
  • Fund homes in rural communities which may otherwise not be delivered.
  • Create churn by freeing up existing homes for younger people. In the case of the affordable rented homes they can free up larger affordable homes for priority needs applicants.

National context

  • In the UK the over 65+ population is projected to increase by almost 50% to 17m by 2034.
  • Retirement/downsizing dwellings make up just 2% of UK housing stock.
  • It is estimated that 6m people will be considering downsizing at any given time.
  • Guidance was published by Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government in June 2019 to assist local planning authorities to plan for the housing needs of older and disabled people.

Local context

South Hams




West Devon




National Average



How does Horizon work?


Homes funded by institutional investors.


Homes built to building regulations and HORIZON standards.

Open market:

For those who are able to purchase outright.

Shared equity:

Purchasers able to buy a proportion of their home and raise equity to help fund retirement in their older years in a purpose-built environment.

Rent To Buy:

Our ‘rent to buy’ option would enable purchasers to move straight into their new home and rent it whilst their existing home is being sold.


Freeing up existing larger family homes in the community through the delivery of downsizer shared equity housing

House types:

A dormer bungalow with ground floor bedroom and wet room to future proof the property’s use for its over 55s down-sizing occupants. Total 1050sq.ft.

Key features:

  • Second bedroom for family or carer.
  • The ability to live on ground level as mobility declines.
  • Access to assistive technology.
  • Incorporating many lifetime homes features such as wider doorways and level access
  • Downstairs wet room.
  • Level access into a manageable garden space.