FOCUS is a new affordable way of enabling business owners to purchase a business unit on a shared ownership basis.

On day one, a percentage of the unit can be purchased by the business owner directly into their pension. The percentage they can purchase will depend on the amount of savings they currently have in their pension.

On the part they own they pay a market rent directly into their own pension (tax free) and on the remaining share they pay rent to the landlord.

The purchase agreement allows the owner to staircase and increase their share as and when they have adequate funds in their pension. Once they staircase to 100% they will own the unit outright and 100% of the asset in their pension.

The FOCUS product supports growth for rural job creation and allows local businesses the ability to continue to work in the community and create jobs for local people.

Focus employment units

  • A new way of purchasing a small employment unit;
  • Enables people to use their pension pot to secure their future;
  • Supports new/growing businesses to acquire a new commercial unit;
  • Supports growth for rural job creation.

How will FOCUS assist LAs and NPGs?

  • Help to enable local employment opportunities that can support a thriving rural economy.
  • Help to enable the development of new homes, jobs and community infrastructure sufficient to meet local needs.
  • Help reduce rural isolation, provide jobs for residents of the immediate area reducing commuting, and foster vitality.
  • Help to enable bottom-up planning processes in local communities by supporting the delivery of neighbourhood plans.

National context

  • Revised NPPF in order to support a prosperous rural economy states ‘Planning policies and decisions should enable support of ‘...sustainable growth and expansion of all types of business in rural areas, both through conversion of existing buildings and well-designed new buildings...’ (Rural Home Working Statistics March 2015 Gov.UK) Revised NPPF 2018
    • 25.5 million working people in England
    • 3.8 million of which are home workers
    • 34% of homeworkers are in rural areas
    • (13% in urban areas)
  • Demand for more homes is necessitating economic growth in the rural areas.

How does Focus work?


Sites funded, and units delivered, subsidised by housing. (JV with LA possible where the LA own employment land).


Business units built to shell ready for occupier fit out.

Share sold:

Agreed share of unit acquired by business owner into their pension (SIPP/SASS).


Rent on part they do own is paid into their pension. Market rent paid on remainder to the landlord.


As the business owner makes profits, they can tax efficiently defer these into their pension.


Once they have adequate funds in their pension, they can acquire more shares of the business unit.

Job creation:

As the business grows, they will employ more people from the community